Saturday, February 04, 2012

Reunited...and It Feels So Good!

Sometimes I'm a little naive, is that song lyric used for my post title inappropriate? =)

If you count all the women in this picture - you will find a Perfect Ten....all of our past "Tuesday Night Ladies" and current "Thursday Night Ladies" - together again.  Courtney (front row, second in from the left) is up at OHSU in med school, but skipped out on Friday's classed to make it down to see us and spend her birthday (4th) weekend at home.  Elaina (cuddled next to me in the back row), has a birthday on the 5th.  It was perfect, then, that EVERYONE could be in attendance Thursday night, even after a trip down Kimmie's stairs had her and Elaina late as they had to take a trip to the doctor's office en route to my house.  (Fortunately, it was just a sprain for Kimmie - you can see her right ankle (far left) taped up a bit).

A few things I notice from this picture.  1.) Our fireplace is not a good backdrop as the white is so marred by the soot.  That's why Mikayla and I spent about two hours today repainting it gosh, it looks so good now....we need another reunion so we can do a picture re-do!!!  2.)  Stephie looks positively "glowy" these days, huh?  (far right).  On Monday, she'll be at 12 weeks....woo hoo, girl, you look good pregnant!!!  And finally #3.)  I am ONE BLESSED GIRL to have these amazing, gorgeous (on the outside and INSIDE) ladies in my life.

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sara said...

yes, you are very blessed!!