Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Lane County Historical Museum

In the fourth grade curriculum at our kids' school, the Oregon Trail is a very big deal.  The whole second half of the year is dedicated towards activities including a ho-down, simulations, reports, and creating miniature "wagons" with all the supplies needed.

To kick off the curriculum, a field trip is planned to the Lane County Historical Museum.  It's just across town from the school, and for the short hour and a half we were there, I feel like they did an excellent job giving the kids a real taste of what the journey along the Oregon Trail was like and what the day of a pioneer would include.  I had gone when Brayden was in fourth grade - his experience was a little longer and more tedious, so today was a pleasant surprise.

Also, Mikayla was asked to be one of ten "actors" to be part of the enactments of what a day would look like.  It gave me plenty of photo ops.

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