Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Product Reviews

I have very little inspiration within me right now. It's such a transition week, and the hanging on of this flu has left me a little empty of enthusiasm. I was going to write about how long it actually took me to put away the clean laundry that I had managed to pile into each room (a chore I absolutely dread....stems from childhood, I think), but that's pretty dull too. (Let's just say, I spent way more time dreading the chore than it actually took to complete it).

So, I thought I'd list my favorite of the toys that each kid got.

For Mikayla, I absolutely love the Bella Dancerella set she got. It include2 a DVD with a charming teenager and her two little friends who teach kids how to do cute dance steps to the tunes and themes of Cinderella. It includes a mat to determine where to put your feet and an interchangable wand/dance ribbon/and duster to use while doing the dances. It's adorable, and interactive - I love to watch Mikayla doing it.

For Brayden, the ESPN Shot Bloc Basketball hoop. Once again, another interactive, physical activity with lots of lights, noise and other perks to keep a kid interested. Perhaps he'll be a basketball star afterall!

Sorry such an unstimulating entry.... perhaps Mikayla's birthday will inspire more tomorrow.

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stephietoo said...

Yeah for Bella Dancerella!!! I can't wait to try the hoops game with Brayden, and I can't wait to spend time with my very best friends in the entire world. Happy Birthday Kay-Kay (K-Bear, Baby). I can't wat to see your smiing four year old face tomorrow!

I love you guys so much! Bogey misses everyone, especially Sydney. We will see you tomorrow. Glad everyone is feeling a little better/ Call me if you would like some company. I will be up fairly early (8:00 a.m.)