Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Love You Dad!

Today is my dad's 58th birthday. I am so proud to be his daughter. John is honored to be his "son in law', and be able to call him Dad. And, as you'll read below, Brayden and Mikayla absolutely cherish any time they get with Grandpa.

There are many stories that Dad has told of experiences he's had in his life that should have left him dead long ago. These stories leave goosebumps on my skin whenever he repeats them. He should have drowned in a canal, been paralyzed in a ravine, or died in a free fall from a mountain climb, but God wanted him to be alive to be my dad, and I am so thankful....

My dad is:
filled with wisdom, but never comes across condescending
extremely talented, but so humble
very strong, but definitely not afraid to show me his tears
capable of an infinite amount of love for all of us, but never smothering
one of my biggest cheerleaders in life, but never the one I felt I had to impress
a man of tremendous integrity
a guy who defies any male stereotype about "not-communicating" (it's a good thing I married John...)
a great fisherman and hunter, but we're still waiting for more proof....
a tremedous husband and partner to my mom
and my friend - and I now how rare that is.....


And, here's some comments from the kiddos....

Brayden thinks Grandpa is so special because:
"He helps me try to hit a pop can with a bb gun (sorry mom!)"
"He shares his stuff with me"
"He shows me he loves me by the way he plays with me"

Mikayla thinks Grandpa is so special because:
"He plays with us"
"He reads stories to us"
"He spins me around"


HollieHobbie said...

That is really nice, Steph. Happy Birthday, Mr. Stephanie's Dad!

chele said...

Of course I echo all of this... I love you Dad!
Thank you for being such an incredible Daddy for us, and Grandpa to our kids. The older we get, the more we realize what an exceptional father you were and are.
Your example to us is amazing.
Happy birthday Dad!
Love you-