Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Michele's family (minus Ellie) and my family just returned from watching "The Chronicles of Narnia". All of us except Michael went into the movie without reading the book. Michele and I remember watching the PBS version, but all we both remember is the wardrobe entrance (I can't tell you how many times I crawled into my closet hoping to discover another world) and Aslan's sacrifice. I think not having read the book was a benefit to us because we weren't expecting anything. We were absolutely blown away by the beauty and message deliverance of the movie. John and I both had chills and tears - it was amazing. We brought young kids and despite the scary parts we had no regrets- in fact it sparked so many moving conversations with images and parallels the kids will probably remember for a very long time. Traig, when asked what he would rate the movie on a scale of 1-10 gave it a 100. Brayden, on his own, gave it a 10. He wants to ask Santa for just one more present - can he please have the Narnia PS2 game. (Perhaps he's not done with Santa yet...)

I realize those who aren't into fantasy might not enjoy this movie. Those that cringe at violence would probably not be super impressed. And, those who are against seeing a beautiful book turned into a Hollywood movie perhaps are quite unhappy. But, WE LOVED IT! I will mull over the details and message for a long time - and I pray my kids will too.


HollieHobbie said...

I am glad you are so stoked about the movie. It entices me, with my family, to get over to see it. That was a nice plug for the movie.
When are you guys heading home? I am really envious of the time you had over there. And so glad it is an annual event for you.

StephieAnne said...

We are leaving tomorrow morning. It has been an excellent time. However, after leaving Bend after the movie when it was an absolute winter wonderland - snowflakes cascading down.... the weather completely changed yesterday. A full day of balmy rain. Downright depressing. Michele, Steph and I were thankful we'd chosen that day to visit Sage Springs. =). It's supposed to continue to be way too warm throughout the week, so it's making it easier to leave as the snow melts away. Prior to yesterday, though, it was downright magical - so many euphoric moments!