Friday, October 23, 2015


Overwhelming.  That's how I'm feeling about this blog these days.  I literally have several dozen posts to put up - maybe close to 50.  I have these file folders on my Desktop that ended up having to be compressed as they overtook the whole screen of pictures from events yet to be blogged. 

I told myself I'd do one at night.  But, after Whitley's picked up and I get my opportunity for "just me" time to have dinner and watch tv with John (which, let me just say, this has been one of the best 'new shows' seasons ever), I am in no mood to do more work. 

And so it keeps piling up.  Because Whitley is amazing and I can't stop taking pictures of her.  Because we go to all sorts of exciting places - with friends in tow, VERY worthy of taking pictures of.  Because my kids are growing up way too fast and there's no way I'm not going to be documenting their lives.  Because life is sometimes hard and sometimes thrilling and I want to be able to write about it and chronicle it. 

All reasons why I can't give this up.  I can't just stop trying to record our life stories and creating a place for all the pictures to find a home.  But, I feel very much buried under all of this. 

Bottom line, if you are someone who still takes a moment every now and then to check in on this blog - thank you.  And, my apologies for lack of entries.  And for those that I'm going to make an effort to write, I apologize that they'll probably be all over the map based on which post seems to be the least intimidating to check off the list.  Hopefully, I'll emerge from under this heap. 


Ann Marie said...

Hi my name is Ann Lieberman. Im from California. I'v been reading your blog for years now and I have enjoyed it so much. I can relate to you because our lives are very similar. I have also been married for 19 years and I am a stay at home mom and have 2 boys almost the same ages as your kids 16 and 14. There were so many times I wanted to just say hello from one mom to another but I felt like you would think I was some kind of wierdo or stalker reading a blog of someone I didn't even know LOL. I have been reading your blog for so long I feel like i know you now LOL. ( I know weird lol ) I just wanted you to know I have enjoyed your blog. You are a great mom and wife and i have loved the journey of life with all the joy's and challenges you write about and at times have even brought tears to my eyes because I could so relate to certain situations. I also am a christian and love your perspective on the everyday life stuff and all the cool vacations and outings. You have such a beautiful family and so many cool friends. You are truly blessed!

StephieAnne said...


I can't even tell you what an encouragement your words to me were! I went on to my blog to try to access something from years ago and lo and behold, there was a new comment... I NEVER get comments anymore, and even though I tell myself that there's no need for comments, that's not the purpose for the blogging - to get is such a surprise! And for you to share all that you did surpassed any and all expectations in a comment!

I'm so glad you can relate so much. I don't know how I'd make it without "community" - and the more, the merrier. In fact, Sara Bowyer - a gal I only know through blogging is really someone I have bonded with a ton, despite never meeting. It's crazy how close I feel to her- and how close our prayer requests have become. She's a little ahead of us in raising her kids (maybe 8 years...) - so, it's been a blessing to have seen her go through kids leaving for college, for careers, or getting married (all things that scare me so much!) - and her still surviving!

I hope you end up finding this to realize I responded and appreciated your comment so much. I just found you on Instagram, so now you may feel like I am stalking you as you may see a stephieanneriley asking to be your friend! I'd love to catch up on your life too!

Ann Marie said...
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Ann Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, I was so glad to hear from you! I was excited to see your response! Ok now I don't feel so odd about leaving my comment LOL. It's so funny that I am writing to you because I thought we would never speak to each other. There were times in the past I would be lounging in bed with my husband and I would be on my laptop and him watching TV and I would be reading your blog and I would say to (Jay) my husband, " I could so be friends with this person". He would laugh and say why don't you just say hello.

That is so awesome you live in Oregon. I have lived in So. California all my life and I have always wanted to get out of here. I just don't think it's the best place to raise children. I live in a nice city (Eastvale) but some of the neighboring cities have a lot of crime and it can get pretty bad. The year-long summers get really old and we don't get to experience the 4 seasons, it almost never rains at least where I live and when it does it's like some huge event taking place. We have never had snow and the Fall and Winter really look like a cooled down Summer. We have to drive 2 hours into the mountains to see a little snow. The plan was to move out of state when the kids were smaller, but it never happened and now it feels like its to late to make the move with the kids being older now.

My sister-in-law just moved to Bend, Oregon a year ago and she just loves it so much and says it's wonderful and way slower paced. I myself prefer a cooler climate, or maybe I'm just so sick of the never ending heat. I am hoping that maybe one day everything could fall into place and we could move and do the same as my sister- in- law. God willing.

Ok I could keep going On and On about random stuff and I can talk people's heads off sometimes! I am so happy we can be friends on Facebook and Instagram! It's nice to have a new friend that is a sister in the Lord! It's Sunday today and we just got home from church a while ago and now I'm off to go to Costco and do some food shopping and get some food in the house. My boys eat like horses!

P.S. I know how you feel about the kids getting older. It's something I hate to even think about. My life revolves around my boys and I don't know what I would do If I didn't have them to be with everyday. I have a friend that slipped into a depression because her kids all left the nest. I got depressed watching her deal with it. I am so not looking forward to that part of my life that will be here soon. I guess that's going to be a season that the Lord will have to carry me through, and I know he will be faithful like he always has been through every difficulty. I guess us mom's have to remember those kids belong to God in the first place and they are only lent to us for a while.