Friday, October 02, 2015

Bauman Farms (Adventure #1)

Friday was such a FUN DAY!!!  Mikayla had the day off from school, so we made plans to head up to the Woodburn area.  First stop was a quick glance at the outlets - we found a few finds, but made it a quick in and out of the car.   Whitley was ready for some real fun and not just shopping.

And then we arrived - to Bauman Farms - the place I had gone with the year prior with Lisa Quigley. 

This place is like the Disneyland of Harvest Farms/Festivals - there is SO much to do - with even more thrown in on weekends (I have yet to even visit then).  It's almost impossible to do it all. 

This is a special enclosed and covered area for little kids (on top of the spacious outdoor playground).

One of many, many super slides.  So proud of Whitley for being so brave to do it!

Of course, it was after Mikayla had to prove first that it was safe.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!!!!!!

Lots of farm animals = CHECK!

And the always necessary animal selfies!

A wagon ride that takes place on the half hour.

We probably spent a good 45 minutes in these swings.  Whitley and Mikayla both loved them.

Another stop in the animal barn.

Look, Mikayla is now FIVE FEET TALL!!!!  Woohooooooo!

I picked going back to Bauman largely because of someone else's picture of this llama (or is it an alpaca?).  I had to take pics with it too.

It's not very friendly though.  Unless you have food to give it, so not interested.

Those laid back ears....I'm lucky I didn't get spat on!

In another area (after conquering the fort and some hay mazes and obstacle courses), is a "tubing hill".  I think it's safe to say we all had fun here!

Last year's Christmas present Hunters for Mikayla and I - and some I found used for Whitley (killer find!).  

This is a filbert pit.  Whitley thought it was a hoot.

After visiting the retail store for ice cream and cookies (the girls) and a hot chai for myself, we returned to the swings and then another barn attraction which housed a corn kernel pit.  We had the whole thing to ourselves and just hung out for probably a half hour.

After burying Mikayla, we told Whitley that the only way to release her would be for her to give Mikayla a "Sleeping Beauty" kiss... awwwwe =)

Who needs buckets when you have rubber boots?

Whitley didn't like that Mikayla and I were trying to take our own selfie - she started throwing corn at us!

Seriously, what an awesome day.  We spent like four hours there - which is a remarkable accomplishment when towing around a three year old.  I so love having kids with me to let me be a kid again!!!

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