Thursday, October 15, 2015

First Day of Gymnastics

Earlier in the year, I'd seen a "Living Social" deal for 4 weeks of gymnastics classes.  Often, when I find something like that, I'm bummed because Whitley and Elsie, being 18 months apart, wouldn't be put in the same class.  But, for this one, there was a class that would accommodate them both.  Christi loved the idea - and in fact, we extended the offer to some other friends with small kids and pretty soon we were over half the class.  

We opted to start our 4 week stretch on October 15th - and Thursday was the day.  Whitley seemed pretty eager to jump into the fun - and happy to show off her new leotard.

I was a little concerned with how the class started, as we had each kid jump on the trampoline one at a time with kids aged 15 months to 3 years expected to sit patiently for their turn.  Um, hello?  Maybe not the best way to start a class...but, it worked out and soon we were doing warm ups and following the teacher's instructions in an obstacle course.  It's a parent (or aunt!) involvement class - I like how the three adults in this scene or doing what they are supposed to and none of the kids are...

It's super great to have them learn to sit and listen - but, they are all still new to it - however I did snap a pic of one moment of greatness!

The beam work...good balance Whitley!

She's supposed to use the ring to try to steer down the beam, I love the tongue sticking out concentration!

On a higher beam, the teacher gave one on one attention as they attempted to point their leg out. 

Ali and Joey...

And Christi, Emery, and Elsie

And, no surprise with a trampoline at home, Whitley was a champ on the tramp track.

Elsie LOVES the bars....well done, kiddo!

A solid first day.  (Kind of surprise after a disastrous pre-class trip to Target with Elsie and Whitley....!)  It's always a great thing to see kids with red faces from playing hard and bright smiles of enthusiasm at the end.  I don't think we have any Shawn Johnsons in this group's future, but they still looked good! =)

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