Sunday, February 15, 2015

Presidents' Day Weekend Volleyball

You know what I've recently concluded?  I'm too selfish to be a really good sports mom.   Because when it came to looking at a the upcoming three day weekend, and realizing every single day of it would be spent across town at a sports complex to watch volleyball - I was NOT feeling it.  In fact, by Monday, my attitude was downright nasty.  Michele had come down by that point and I was just a snot, because I felt like I didn't have any "me-time" left.  

"Selfless" is not a character quality that runs strong among any members of the immediate Riley family... =(

All that said, Saturday morning was kind of fun - we showed up while it was foggy and dark - and were thankful the facility was only 15 minutes away for once. 

The team also played EXCEPTIONALLY on Saturday.  They were amazing, and ended up passing up the team above them in our own club in the tournament rankings.  

Unfortunately, that meant we were placed against teams ranked much higher than us for the remainder of the tourney.  We played super hard for the rest of the tournament duration, but ended up losing most of the games after Saturday.   (That might have something to do with my mood, but really, I wasn't that invested, as long as I felt the girls were playing hard).  There was also some dynamics among parents that never thrills me...I tend to retreat into a corner with my lawn chair when John's not in attendance at these tournaments because it drives me crazy to have to listen to those who are out of control in their criticism or sideline-coaching of the teams.  By the last game on Monday, this man was whistling at a pitch high enough to alert dogs and loud enough for every team in the facility to hear - and he was standing right behind me.  Again, I think there might be ample explanation as to why I was SO ready to be done come 2pm Monday afternoon!

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