Thursday, March 08, 2012

Feeling Like Spring Has Sprung

Are you ready for a shocker, fellow Oregonians?  Currently, "Underground Weather" reports our temperature at 68 degrees!!!  Are you kidding me, I could almost get a tan in weather like this.  Alas, it is not expected to's just a tease that spring is around the corner.  We'll take it while we can though - there was honestly a giddy spirit all throughout the town today!

In honor of this upcoming spring weather, I felt like it was time to take down the Valentines' themed wreaths on our front double doors and try something a little more springy.  With Pinterest as a constant source of inspiration and a mere $15 or so out of pocket, I put together this pair of wreaths for our front door.  I'm still debating taking off the flowers and doing a white winterberry look instead, but I've exhausted my craftiness for the week.

Nature's done her share of decorating around here to.  I love how these crocus bulbs buried many, many years ago continue to bloom anew.  

In terms of what I did to celebrate this gorgeous day, it was a divine day for a walk with Nancy to celebrate her birthday that I never got to honor last month.  We took a walk around the river, catching up on our families, friends, and what God is up to - so good!  The exercise was rewarded with some pomegranate/raspberry sorbet fro yo....DELICIOUS!  I feel stupid for never getting a pic of the two of us together, instead I only got a pic of the other "craft project" I accomplished this week that I felt like didn't turn out half bad (and gave to Nancy for her birthday).  I got the recipe from here, and while it claims to be a sugar cookie scrub, I feel like it smells like the ingredients you'd add to make an apple pie.  Gingersnap seemed like a more fitting title to put on the gift tag. 

Finally, I spent just a couple of minutes on the trampoline with these two beauties.  It's been way too long since we've had Kenady, so thankful for all of the amazing friends our whole family has in our lives!

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