Sunday, March 11, 2012

CCF Talent Show

Last night, we attended the 6th annual CCF Talent Show.  The event is put on each year to help support the Bolivia Mission trip of which this cast of characters is participating in this August.

It's always a big undertaking to "secure the talent", line up the location, handle the sound, lighting, etc., and supply treats for the event.  Abby Messenger directed the job this year and she did a fantastic job.

These two guys, Brandon and Nathan, were the emcees for the evening.  They were very entertaining, which is excellent as that can make or break the event.  The second to the last act of the evening featured them doing this beach ball "dance".  While I've seen it done before, they took it to a new (gross) level - but had us very amused.

In between acts, Nathan and Brandon would occasionally toss out free stuff to the audience (like Taco Bell condiment packets!), or invite audience participation for challenges. This guy was challenged to see if he could swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon...ugh! Immediately after the intermission, they called Brayden up and another college guy to compete against one another in a push-up challenge. Given the other guy's size, they tried to make it fair by having another guy sit on him. Needless to say, Brayden won by cranking out about 40 push-ups. While not all of them would be "p.e. teacher approved" - I was proud of my son and the award he received of a set of (probably non-working) Christmas lights! 

This trio was extremely talented, entertaining us with their bluesy rendition of "I'll Fly Away"

This skit was all about a chef making pudding, but the humor involved was the fact that it was done using the hands of the girl standing behind him.  I was asked a couple of weeks ago to help preview the acts, and this was definitely one of the funniest.

As you can see, the event had quite an impressive attendance.  With each attendee contributing $3 to the mission team, I'm guessing they put a good dent into their fundraising.

These two gals are extremely talented dancers.  They demonstrated a beautiful modern dance.

And speaking of dance, these two - as the first act of the night, were very entertaining with their take on Latin and swing dancing.

The food was EXCELLENT during intermission - especially those giant sized chocolate chip cookies!

This is the fourth year we've attended, and each time, Brayden's buddy, Jack, has attended with us.  He's a hoot - and it's a tradition.  We're proud that we're part of such a ministry featuring such fun, entertaining, and thoughtful college students.  Way to go, CCF!

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