Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Bannick Wedding

Congratulations TJ and Kate! (Photos courtesy of Kaela)

Saturday evening took us to the Oregon Forestry Center up in Portland to witness the union of our friends TJ and Kate.  John has had the opportunity to meet up with TJ over the last couple of years, and I've been able to meet with Kate a couple of times - so it was a joy to see them turn their dreams into reality.

The building would seem like an odd choice, but it was very rustic and simple with a high wood, round ceiling.  The decor perfectly matched - I was impressed.

In lieu of a guest book, folks used a silver permanent marker to write on wooden letters spelling their last name.  This was their card and gift table.

A shot of John and I.

I like the corresponding banners above the dessert table proclaiming "LOVE IS SWEET".

We left before the dancing began, but here are some pictures taken of their first dance.

The ladies of the Trinity House do a traditional photo together for every wedding that each of them has.  It's very sweet - and sometimes makes me sentimental in wondering what my college days would have been like if I'd had such a home to experience college in.

We had dropped the kids off with the Schillings, so it was a fun, albeit short, date night for the two of us.  The remainder of the weekend was spent just relaxing with the family.

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Lydia said...

Steph - But instead, you just got us in college. And, you were exactly what I needed so I'm very thankful.