Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Should We Start Our Own TLC Show?

I've read that TLC is about to launch another show - a family of ten, I think - sextuplets and two sets of twins. They've apparently found success with shows demonstrating the oddities of raising large amounts of kids at once. While our group wouldn't qualify because we really don't live like this on a normal basis, it is kind of a wonder how 4 moms make it work with 10 children for 3 days. It's group feedings, group discipline, group rules.....but, somehow, at least in the short term, it works.

We snapped a picture of all of them (sans Adam- who was eating at the counter) eating their spaghetti last night. Guess who has to be constantly reminded to sit down and stop playing (yup my son!)

Yesterday, the whole lot of them spent most of the afternoon putting together a 5 act play centering around the marriage of Jackson to Ellie. Act 1: The Wedding, Act 2: The First Night (yes, we were nervous about this, but pretty much, it was just them checking in to the hotel and snuggling with blankets), Act 3: Dinner and Dessert, Act 4: The Pool, and Act 5: The Dance Party. Ellie and Jackson are both 5, and as I have mentioned before, both have quite a thing for each other which has obviously been encouraged by the other kids. While we weren't thrilled with the concept of so much attention given to their relationship, it was pretty impressive that 10 kids kept themselves so busy with creating a play that involved such creativity, different parts for everyone, and an actual storyline. (Previous "plays" that they've put on for us at these group events have been nearly excruciating to sit through).

Here's a group shot of the kiddos prior to attending camp this morning - Amy's camera was being a little difficult, so it's a touch blurry - but you get the gist.

And, finally, as Baxter has become such a point of interest to many of you (I get it, he's irresistable) - Here's some pics of him enjoying being the center of attention while the kids are at camp. I'm having a bit of a jealousy issue as he's taken quite a liking to Lisa and Amy, and I thought I was his favorite....but, I'm coping.

Finally, here's a P.S. addition, a picture of all of the kids prior to going to the indoor Aquatic Center across the street from Michele's house. I bonded with Mikayla around and around the "lazy river" and impressed Brayden by being willing to give a try on the rope swing. (I held on, unlike my attempts 8 years ago while vacationing in Aruba - what an embarrassing display....)


Lois Lane II said...

What creative kids! Seriously, y'all need your own TLC show...with Baxter, too, lol!!

Anonymous said...

what a cute bunch, including Baxter! sounds like you are having fun! way to go on the rope swing!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

The 5-act play cracked me up so much - especially The First Night. :) What creative kids!

Beverly said...

You should make a show - I would watch it just like I do EVERY show on TLC!!! haha I keep their ratings high.

Don't know what it is - I just like to know about people's lives!

Looks like a fun spring break for all of you!