Friday, March 27, 2009

Kids, It's 63 Degrees, Not 83 Degrees!

Yes, that's a sprinkler turned on underneath the trampoline. They started begging to turn the water on around 2pm. Michele and I did NOT want to deal with the cold water mess (and three dogs potentially getting filthy too), so we told them that we'd only say, "Yes" if it got to seventy degrees. No chance, but that didn't stop them from coming in every two minutes to check to see if the temperature had increased from 63 degrees.

We tried to placate them by telling them we'd go out and jump with them, and that did make them happy. It also made us realize just how warm it did feel, especially with all of the jumping exertion. So, we buckled.

It's 6:30 and after getting menus we designed for them to choose from for dinner (times are tough - would like to treat you guys to a restaurant experience, but this will have to do - they really got a kick out of it and their opportunities for custom milkshakes), they are back on that trampoline. Making the most of this one gorgeous, rain-free day of the week.


Anonymous said...

looks like fun! and a bit chilly...but they don't seem to mind!

Beverly said...

Love it! Fits right in with my own parenting philosophy: eventually, they'll dry and warm up!! it might be after their lips turn blue and frost forms on their fingers, but it will happen!!

The fun is definitely worth it!!