Sunday, August 21, 2005

Summer in Review

Lofty ambitions
Father's Day bbq's
Shorts and sweatshirts
Fake Tanner
First trips to the pool
Pulling the bikes down from storage
Happy kids

Busy, busy, busy
Fourth of July picnics
Shorts and tanktops
Lots of sunscreen
Pulling the camping equipment out of storage
Tired kids

Regret for what didn't happen
Back to school shopping
Blackberries and corn on the cob
More sunscreen
Trips to the beach
Putting everything back in storage
Bored kids


HollieHobbie said...

awwww what do you regret didn't happen?
You may regret that I found out about this Blog, eh??? I am liking keeping in touch with you this way. I think of you often.

StephieAnne said...

Hey Hollie!

You found me out! Now the pressure's on to make this thing semi-interesting. Not too many regrets for the summer, I've got to say. I've started realizing that summer break needs to be looked at like Christmas break in that if you don't plan, it's probably not going to just happen "sometime this summer". I wish we could have done more exploring of Oregon with our kids - more hikes, waterfalls, the top of the old pass where all of the lava flows are, etc. Nah, we chose instead to sit on our butts watching the kids play on their own at ESTC. Tough life. Love you Hollie, and I think of you often too!