Saturday, November 01, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I have to admit, sometimes after throwing the Pumpkin Carving Party, the actual night of Halloween can be a little bit of a "lesser night" as I've just run out of steam.  As our kids had gotten older, the festivities had seemed to be a little more forced and construed to get the "parental gang" together for our traditional Chili Feed and Trick or Treating.

However, this year, with Halloween landing on a Friday, with the introduction of two "little ones" in to the mix, the presence of the Schilling Family, and the purpose of the bigger kids to serve out at Camp Harlow's "Harvest Fest" - Halloween 2014 emerged with new life and was one of the best I've had in many, many years.

Once we saw "Frozen" this last year, I immediately thought, "Mikayla could pull off 'Elsa'".  So, I got the chance to play the role of "Toddler and Tiara" momma and doll my girl up - complete with glitter body spray.  

Posed with her was "Sheriff Callie" - Whitley dressed as her favorite cartoon heroine.  Pink cowboy boots and all - so CUTE!!!

Brayden, after much deliberation as to what dress up as, donned the "Nerd" costume he wore at a football game a few weeks ago.  It's kind of alarming how well he can pull it off.  And Elsie, who is affectionately called "Ellie Cakes" by her family, wore a cupcake costume.  Sweetest thing ever!  (Pun intended...) =)

I love Whitley's expression - as in, "Seriously, I have to sit her and pose with this dweeb?"

Does this spread look familiar?  Yup, the only thing I had to purchase was some more apple cider - everything else was left over to fully feed the nine families represented last night. 

I love this little girl so much!

Somebody wasn't in the most willing mood to sit still and pose...she had a town to protect as sheriff afterall! 

So proud...

Love this!

Elsie really enjoyed the apple slices.  Later, I introduced her to a chocolate covered gummy bear.  Based on her "lit up" expression and smile, her world will never be the same....=)

Ellie looked SO CUTE in her 50's Poodle of my favorites of her yet!

We took several pics to get the full view of all the efforts we made to pull off "Elsa".

Part of the Trick or Treating walk crew...

Carter and Christy joined the mix - Sheldon stayed back at the house...

One of our first stops was to our new neighbors, Michael and Emily Rand - of our CCF involvement.  Perfect!

Whitley was ALL ABOUT her Aunt Chele on this evening.  As Michele said, "It made my whole month". 

Nati changed into some of my clothes, hat and boots to be a Cowgirl upon arrival.  Traig opted to bypass the earlier Trick or Treating and head straight to Harlow to work both shifts - where he dressed up as "Hiccup" from "How to Train Your Dragon".   (Picture inserted of Brayden, Zach Hammond ("Dumbledore"), and Traig from Camp Harlow's festivities):

Awesome pic of my mom and dad!

It was so fun having Tyler, Christi, and Elsie involved this year.  Tyler grew up with many fond memories of Trick or Treating with his family, so I hope we helped him start new memories that are sweet with his own daughter.

Poor kid - wish he could make some friends...

Love the lighting on these pics...

Some of us got tired of the full duo block loop and beat feet it home for dinner.  (This girl doesn't like waiting until 7pm to eat - especially when all the food was laid out before we left!)  After eating, we got cozy and Elsie dumped the cupcake suit....

Love this pic too!

Leona is so faithful to come in, pitch in and do whatever's necessary with last minute prep and man the door for our Trick or Treaters. 

The one pic we have representing the Quigley family.  Lisa and Adam came over, but Dennis and Erica weren't able to make it.

A little hunting dialogue...

Ellie opted to wait one more year before assisting at Harlow and instead assisted with Whitley and Elsie.   She is so perfect with the little ones!

It took me forever to fall asleep last night, as I just kept ruminating over the fun of the evening - and the new delights in the eyes of Whitley and Elsie as a new generation steps in to keep these festivities and traditions alive.

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