Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another Alternative Thanksgiving

What will I remember about Thanksgiving 2014?  Well, I will remember it with fondness, even if it was an "Alternative Thanksgiving" (meaning the every other year that the Schillings celebrate the holiday with Michael's side of the family).  

I will remember that it started early, as I just a little giddy and felt like waking up before 5.  I'll remember that Mikayla awoke soon after and couldn't wait to see the HUMONGOUS paper on our doorstop full of all of the ads.  I'll remember, that despite putting her off from getting it for a while in order to clean up and "set the stage" for a tranquil morning, the newspaper didn't even arrive for another hour later.  I'll remember we waited for out boys to awake watching "Mrs. Miracle" on the Hallmark Channel.  I'll remember that the Dutch Babies were especially delicious - especially after months of eating light before seeing my doctor for my annual appointment.  =) 

I'll remember that it was dreary and POURING down rain, but that didn't dampen any holiday spirits, that were really quite amicable on this special day.   And, that dinner (more like early lunch) did not include turkey for me (despite being available in an outstanding buffet), but rather, pulled pork instead.  (Because nothing screams Thanksgiving dinner like pulled pork!)

I will remember that we didn't lollygag at dinner, as we had a movie to book it to in less than an hour.  But, that's okay, our family eats fast (including Mom and Dad).  And, I will remember that that was the first time (of undoubtedly numerous times to come) that we saw "Big Hero 6" - and all of us enjoyed it very much.

I'll remember how thankful I was for these amazing parents and all of our family that couldn't be with us on this day - and what a great picture they took before we all "partook" of pumpkin and apple pie back at our house.  

And, of course, I'll remember the anticipation of the fun yet to begin, as Mikayla and I changed our attire to do our post Thanksgiving shopping - and John and Brayden departed for the Woodburn Outlets with Travis, his sister Kristen, and his brother-in-law, Brian.  

Indeed, I'll remember it was a day I was VERY, VERY THANKFUL.

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