Saturday, October 04, 2014

Special Visits

These days, with Kenjon off playing for the NFL, we don't know when we'll get to see him again.  However, a series of events ended up leading him back to Oregon for rehab (he got traded to Philadelphia and then got injured after a very impressive game).  

When he mentioned he'd be in Eugene, we met up at our favorite hangout.  Brayden had to advertise the Kenjon t-shirt he'd found at Goodwill....crazy!

That grip on Brayden's arm is on purpose, as my kids just can't behave when KB's around.

Another special visit included my mom stopping by.  Whitley wanted to show her how my elliptical worked.  Too cute.

On one particularly rainy day, I built one of the first fires of the year and Steph came to join me.

It was awesome seeing Whitley just cuddle up with her and get cozy.

If you leave the big camera within reach, Whitley will ask for it and want to "Say Cheese".  Well, certainly, because we can never get enough of those blue eyes...

And happy grin!

Back to the dentist for a follow-up visit.  This time, Whitley opted to actually play with the Legos vs. put the bin on her head.  ;)

Other visits included a special trip to Target - and, YIPPPPPEEEEE the Halloween decor was out.  I was super impressed with Whitley when she allowed me to put this on my face and actually touched it.  

And, this is where she ended up on one of our visits to Safeway.  Pretty fitting.

Finally, a visit to Mikayla's volleyball practice.  She's ready to join the team.  

When I saw this pile of leaves outside...I couldn't resist.

Finally, on a more personal level - John and I made a visit to this place when we had to drop our vehicles off to get some repair work in Springfield.  With both of us eating Atkins, the big 50's style burgers were right up our alley for a fun date night (hour!).  Yummmm!!!  I think the kids would love this place.

And finally, one of my FAVORITE places to visit - Bello.  This time, it was an effort to turn my highlighted summer hair back into a hue that I was (kind of) originally born with.  Christi did such a great job and I walked out LOVING my hair!  =)

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