Thursday, October 09, 2014

Airlie Farms with the Girls

On Thursday, just Mikayla had the day off, so I thought it would be perfect timing to introduce Christi, Elsie, and Whitley to Airlie Farms - especially since that's a place Mikayla would want to visit again, but we wouldn't be going with the cousins this year. 

Whitley was squealing even as we pulled in to the driveway - and literally running over to the goats as soon as she caught sight of them.  They weren't as friendly as the ones at Lone Pine - in fact there was no petting of any of the animals here, but they were certainly fun to look at.

Pigs!  That's a new animal to see...

They had an area, that instead of sand, had wheat kernels in it.  It was really fun-feeling, but Whitley wasn't so initially sure - a little freaked out by the texture.

Also inside the barn was a slide - that definitely picked up speed.  This place had it going on!

Outside were some corrugated slides that also picked up speed. 

So much so, that on this particular slide -with Mikayla holding Elsie, they picked up so much speed that they went further along the base than I expected and Mikayla ended up kicking me with her boot in the lip and knocking me over.  Oh, that wasn't so fun!!!

A tricycle route - 

They were a little small for Mikayla...

Who knew that a simple wheel barrow would be such a hit for the girls.  Whitley LOVED it - and wanted to be carted around everywhere in it after being given a little ride.  I ended up taking her through the hay bale maze (where we took selfies together) in the wheelbarrow ride - a nice little exercise jaunt as I kept hitting dead ends.

We then hopped on the hay wagon to go out to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins.  Huge assortment of pumpkins - traditional, Cinderella, white, green, spotted, striped - they were gorgeous and so hard to choose from!

You like my cruddy job of blurring out the lady rudely photobombing us from behind?  

Whitley is literally yelling for "Stephie" as she wanted me to come rescue her and carry her.  I also got some good exercise at this point in time (as my biceps can still attest) hefting the 45 pound white pumpkin I picked out through the field, back to the hay truck, and in and out of the wheel barrows.  I'm so excited to decorate it though - it's beautiful (pics to come later - I forgot to take pics on this day).  

Christi gave Airlie Farms a huge A+.  I was impressed with how much more they've added in the last five years (at least) since I've been there - and the crowds were very manageable.  (Especially in comparison to Lone Pine and Willamette Valley Fruit Company).  The whole place has such a classy, cozy feel to it - well done!

We ended our day together with a jaunt through nearby Monmouth, my alma mater of Western Oregon University (the one road strip!) and Independence as we went back to I-5 the back way.  Such a gorgeous day for the festive field trip.  

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