Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Home Sweet Home" - #girlscalicamping2014 Day Six

We got a special farewell as we packed our vehicle to leave the hotel.  "Jack the Hotel Cat" is still alive and happy at the Redding Fairfield Inn.  It was a sweet way to end our experience.

As it was, we had stayed as long as we could with a late check-out, departing at 1pm.  Again, no one was in a hurry - and I was trying to get as much rest/ice/nap time with my headache to see if I could beat it.   

Our trip home was pretty uneventful, sans the pulling off to the side of the freeway on the busy Shasta Lake curves.  There was a foam block that had been dislodged with the whole bumper incident that was pressing up against the tires as we made the turn and making quite the racket - not to mention a fair amount of panic from Michele and I.   Michele was doing the driving as I was trying to ice up my neck.  Fortunately, we were able to take care of the issue and also jerry-rig the other piece kind of dragging the ground.  Oh man, we are some responsible vehicle owners, huh?!

Finally, we pulled into home around 6pm - and was it a sight for sore eyes.  Michele ended up deciding to drive home as the girls were missing their daddy and Michele was missing her hubby (between mid-school camp, serving at Harlow, and camping - it had been three weeks since Nati had been home!).  We were all glad to all sleep in our beds and see our men.

And, in my case, my dog.  OH MY GOODNESS - she was attached to me.  She was sitting as close to me on the couch as she could - 

And, yes - in this picture, she's licking me.  I think someone missed her Mama....

I missed her too.  It might have been one of the best camping trips yet in our 6 years of doing this with the girls - but, home is home.  =)

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