Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Detering Orchards with Elaina, Mikayla, and Whitley

A certain amount of creativity is required these days when I have ladies in my life that want to spend time catching up.  Usually, my "go-to" activity with friends is taking walks with Whitley in the stroller, but these days, with temperatures in the high 80's and 90's - that's just not something I desire to do.  A destination, however, that is Whitley-friendly, and maybe allots for a little conversation time in transit - now, that might be just the trick.

On this particular day, we wanted to hang out with Elaina - I hadn't seen or spent time with her in months.  I suggested going to an orchard, and she was all about it - so we took off towards Harrisburg to Detering Orchards.  I hadn't been here since Mikayla was in pre-school, so it was basically new to me too.  

First and foremost, they had not only goats, but pygmie goats.  A whole new world for Whitley.  I just wish we could have gotten in there with them to hold them and squeeze them and love them.... =)

Not too much of a glorified playground - especially compared to Lone Pine, but they did have a tire swing...


And, an ADORABLE little snack stand.  

For the record, that ice cream cookie is mine.... she's just trying a bite.... 

This was Mikayla's preference.

A major bonus for Detering (vs. Lone Pine) was the "Orchard Dog - Bailey".  There hasn't been a dog Whitley has met yet that doesn't automatically want to love on - and Bailey was no exception.  Such a mellow dog...

They also had a hay maze, I don't think Whitley got the full meaning of it all, but Mikayla helped her through.

All in all, I think it was a wonderful find.  I'd love to return to on one of their special weekends where they bring in antique sellers, and other vendors.  More importantly, it was a treasure to catch up with Elaina - she is such a positive presence in my life!

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