Thursday, October 25, 2012

Such a Fan Club!

Brayden had his last "regular season" Pop Warner game on Wednesday night.  We were geared up for a BATTLE, as we'd be facing the other undefeated team and fierce rival, "Springfield".  Springfield was our hardest opponent last year and they had an axe to grind that we beat them upon both encounters last year, edging them out of the State Championship Game at Autzen.

HOWEVER, whether it was due to a key player not being available to play on their team, or just an "off day", we defeated them handily....28-0.  I can only imagine how disappointed they were with that outcome.  (We might face them again in our second play-off game...I'm sure they'll be ready for vengeance....)

It worked out that Brayden had a huge crowd of supporters for this game, even though they knew that he probably wouldn't get a lot of playing time.  It's such a sweet, sweet feeling as a parent to have all of these folks in attendance just for our son's sake.

Looking forward to the next two upcoming play-off games, and Lord willing, a championship game at Autzen Stadium Sunday, November 11th.

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