Monday, October 22, 2012

Courtney and Josephine

This adorable home is located just blocks away from where John had his cornea transplant surgery - sitting atop the hill where OHSU is located in Portland.  That's why it was a "no brainer" to make a stop here the day of John's post-op (last Wednesday) to visit our dear friend, Courtney - one of my original "Tuesday Night Ladies" - and now in her second year as a med student at OHSU.  This home is owned by her family - and it is sweet.  What a view she has from her bedroom window of Mt. Bachelor and the city of Portland. 

Courtney's favorite view, however, is that of her new puppy, sweet Josephine.  Josephine is an 18 month old rescue pit bull - and just as cuddly as can be.

We weren't able to stay that long on Wednesday - and knew that the kids would LOVE to meet Josephine, so Courtney suggested she stop by when she was in town to visit her mom this last weekend.  As soon as we returned from the retreat - she stopped by, and sure enough, Josephine and the kids hit it off immediately.

Sydney was rather ambivalent towards Josephine, but not antagonistic.  Of course, if you threw a ball into the mix, she was ready to play. 

It was such a blessing to get some quality time catching up with the highs and lows of Courtney's life, hearing about what it's really like trying to become a doctor (so!), and getting her insight and perspective on some of the trying issues in our life.  I sure miss that girl and her impact in all of our lives on a weekly basis.  But, it's exciting knowing she's pursuing her very, very proud of her!

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