Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here We Go Again

I now consider myself the expert of area pumpkin patches. I could tell you which has the best playground, pumpkin selection, the wildest hayrides, the best apples, the scariest mazes and the best educational program. And, I'm happy about that, because it means I've really made the best out of celebrating this harvest time.

After such a tumultuous 2004, I think 2005 has been one of our best year's ever. I recently found a quote from Abraham Lincoln that says, "IN THE END, IT'S NOT THE YEARS IN YOUR LIFE THAT COUNT. IT'S THE LIFE IN YOUR YEARS." I love that! I feel like we have infused a lot of "life" into this year by really embracing any opportunity to "celebrate" - be it Fourth of July or Harvest Time. Essentially, that's the whole purpose of this blog - not to necessarily stimulate, educate, or provide a debate forum, but an opportunity to record our family's history. Sorry, if at times, it becomes tedious and boring.

Or, repetitious - as these are more pictures of a pumpkin patch! This time, it was on a field trip with Brayden - and the time with him was priceless. I really sensed based on his constant proximity and cuddliness that he was on "Cloud Nine" having his Mommy's 100% attention. (Well, not really as I had 5 boys to look after, but that's life on field trips...). What follows are pictures of the catapult they use the hurl and smash pumpkins, Brayden on the "Hayflower" - a hay-bale life-size replica of the Mayflower, Brayden with one of their goats - and finally, a gigantic pumpkin grown by the folks who earned the world record a couple of years ago. It was a great day.

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