Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Road Trip Wednesdays: Visiting Kaela at OMSI

Next up for the weekly adventures was a trip to OMSI to visit with Kaela.  The weather was looking only mediocre for the week, so a trip out of the gloom and some time in a wide open play place inside sounded perfect.  
It was also perfect timing to meet up with Kaela.   

It was the day after the fateful hair-cutting incident, so I tried a headband to cover up the damage.  Not my favorite look on her, but it hid the fringe!

Could Emery be any cuter?

Whitley bee-lined it for the water area while the other girls were otherwise occupied.  She was loving it once she got a hold of some dipping canisters.


We then moved on to the animal area - and kind of settled into that place for nearly the rest of our stay.  

Addy enjoyed the "close-ups" =)

The one shot I got of Sienna during this field trip - happy in Kaela's arms.

A quick selfie - sometimes I just slow her down to pose so I can get kind of a hug.  

Elsie and Emery both loved the magnifying glass and animal prints too!

Just like at Honeyman, Whitley was happy to befriend "other kids" - particularly boys that are older - (uh oh!) - and engage in play with them.  It's times like these that it feels like she's growing up so fast and will absolutely excel in pre-school in the fall.  

These two were loving life too - the floaty ball area was fantastic.  

And, the water area was a hit once the girls discovered it.

Addy, just kicking it, right before we needed to leave.  

Trying to get this whole crew to smile - oh, not so easy.... but at least we were able to prove we were all there and no one was crying!

We were able to pull off smiles all around in this pic...

We ended up arriving back into town earlier than expected and happily took up some extra time at the new play structure in downtown Coburg.  The last thing I wanted to do was get home after such a busy and tiring day and be coerced into aerobics on the trampoline, so I was all about killing time together!  It was a hit - and ended the day quite successfully! (For sure, Emery thought so!)

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