Monday, September 07, 2015

Here We Go Again

Labor Day, 2015. 

I can't believe we are already back to this place, how fast the summer flew by.  There were a lot of hopes and dreams for this summer, and so many were realized.  There were also a lot of things that I did NOT want to see happen.  Sadly, many of those were also realized.

I mean, magically, I was hoping something would happen so that my kids would not have to end their experiences at camp last Friday.  But, it didn't turn into an educational academy, so now the kids HAVE to return to school.  I did NOT want to see that happen.  I'm not ready.  They are both resigned.  Neither one of them wants to deal with the hassle of homework and confinement in a classroom, but I think they are both ready to see the friends that have disappeared over the summer, and get a brand new, fresh start with teachers and classes.  I know it's a necessary thing - for them to go through adversity, but I absolutely DREAD the days ahead of checking in on PowerSchool to make sure nothing is missing, or dealing with melt downs from overwhelming anxiety. 

I was hoping that because of our trip to Hawaii in mid August, I'd end the summer nice and slim.  Not a chance.  Not only is that not even close to the truth, but on top of extra pounds, there's a nice amount of extra complexion issues too.  Seriously, not a good self-esteem time of life.

Disneyworld, an unbudgeted trip to Hawaii, a boat.... yeah, our extra spending money isn't offering any outlet for boosting the morale either.  Eeek. 

So, pretty much, here we go again.  Closing out Labor Day weekend with a huge reality check that I've been doing my best to ignore over the last several weeks months. 

It's SERIOUSLY time to get down to business.

1)  Time to start where I need to start everyday (but, have been all too distracted with what the world's offering or needing), spending time at the feet of Jesus.  I have discovered that waking up with the dim light of the cell phone helps me acclimate to morning easier.  But, instead of jumping to the notifications indicating an interest shown in my Facebook feed or Instagram account, I need to, at the very least, click the JESUS CALLING app first.  At the least.  I have other thoughts along that line, but for now, that's what I'll put in writing.

2)  Following that time with Jesus - it's time for the Elliptical.  Fatigue and heat make afternoon/evening exercise something that never happens.  But, the elliptical in my purely comes down to whether or not I will get out of bed at 6am to do it or not.  I'm still trying to brainstorm ways to prevent talking myself from getting out of bed - because those moments of deliberation cause me to make the wrong choice all too often.  Clips on YouTube of inspiring Biggest Loser moments?  I don't know...but I gotta get up and make it happen. 

3)  Healthier eating.  And by healthy, I mean tapering down the carbs as the day goes on - keeping the choices appropriate and not sugar-based.  Again, I need something to broadcast to me from 1pm through 5pm that I'm not going to die without eating dry cereal or "cleaning up" the snacks that Whitley might have left behind.  I'm not gonna die.  I'm not even gonna pass out.  I can do this.

4)  Eliminating unnecessary expenses.  That outfit that would look ADORABLE on Whitley? (I'm such a sucker for little kid's clothes)  Skip it.  The workout jacket that looks like the other five in my closet? (and probably wouldn't fit like it should at this point anyway)  Pass.  Another trip to Hawaii or Disneyworld?  Ummm, yeah....those are DEFINITELY on hold. 

So, good times ahead.  Tightening the belt is not usually a fun endeavor.  But, let's face it - this summer has been virtually a non-stop fun roller coaster (and someday, I may be able to sit down and get it all down in blog posts) - and it is time.  (As I tend to repeat to myself every year at this time, and then again, at the new year). 

School year, 2015-2016 - here we come. 

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