Monday, July 27, 2015

Girls' Camping Trip - The First Two Days

And, we're off!  En route for Lassen National Forest in California, with two moms, three daughters, and a car load of stuff - with absolutely no room for more to shove in.  

As we've done in the past, we opted to leave on the afternoon of a Sunday, and then we pit-stopped in Medford for the evening to allow a faster arrival at the campgrounds on Monday. 

So, it was kick-back and relax time - complete with everyone's favorite, KFC, for dinner. 

This was our hotel room view.

The pool was also hit for the evening - though it was so warm, we didn't end up staying that long.

The next day, en route to Lassen, traffic was stopped for road construction on Highway 89.  The vehicle in front of us had Beaver stickers, so we sent the girls up to say 'Hi" and let them know that at least half of our carload supported the Beavers.  ;)  The folks were very friendly.  =)

After checking out a few other campsites in Lassen - and striking out in terms of any place we'd want to stay - we found South Summit Lake Campground and a site that seemed made just for us.   We knew we'd hit gold when we met the neighbors there to greet us...

This sweet deer....

And this little grouse. 

Car unloaded and tent set-up = Check! 

Then, it was off to do a hike that began just steps from our campsite. 

We actually didn't end up making it all the way to our destination.  Given it was just a meadow we were headed to - after doing so much hills with kids still working off travel medicine - we were losing steam.  Given the way back was mostly uphill, I'm very glad we turned around when we did.  The scenery was gorgeous though.

Back at camp, while we prepared dinner, the girls pulled out the cards.

And, on the menu - chicken enchiladas.  How I love our camp oven!  So easy, and so delicious - especially when calories don't count when camping. 

And since they don't count - these were definitely in order.  It's only taken me 43 years to figure out "My Perfect S'mores" - and the key ingredient is a Mounds Bar.  SO DELICIOUS!!!

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