Wednesday, June 24, 2015

From Park to Park in Corvallis

On Wednesday, we made plans to meet up with Michele and the girls in Corvallis.  The first stop was at a huge park of wooden structures.  Michele and I left Whitley with the three capable girls and tried to get some exercise for the day walking the adjacent hills.   (Definitely a need-for-weight-loss week).  

The next stop was McDonald's just down the street to fuel up for the waterpark.  Whitley struggled focusing on her food with all of the allure of this amazing place to play with other kids (a new experience for her).  Woah!

Finally, the destination that was the point of the trip.  Osborne Aquatic Center.  Whitley was SOOOOO excited....she squealed upon seeing it.   Michele and I took turns keeping her occupied in the kid area while the bigger girls played in the lazy river and on the mats in the big pool. 

Such a beautiful, happy girl!

She loved it when they came over to play too - and then took her with them to the lazy river where the girl is just plain crazy in her daringness to swim on her own.   (Like mother like daughter!)

Definitely a successful day as far as Whitley was concerned!

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