Friday, May 01, 2015

Disneyworld - By the Numbers...

14     the number of participants in this vacation

2       the age of the youngest member of our group (67 was the oldest).

      the number of years this trip has been in the works (being planned before we even finished our previous trip – and eventually delayed 2 additional years)

2527  the straight line distance in miles between Eugene, OR and Orlando, FL

10     the number of days dedicated to this vacation (2 set aside for travel)

54     the heaviest weight of one of our suitcases (50 was the limit, bless the dear counter agent who let it go)

15     hours  - the total amount of travel time returning home (10.5 flying).  In contrast, the way there amounted to only 5.5 hours flying…

3       the flights of stairs we had to climb to go to our room each time (The Schillings and Alexanders had an additional one being on the 4th floor)

13     the average number of miles walked per day (we had an app that counted steps)

6       the average pounds of weight gained among those adults that shared this information (Travis, I don’t want to hear from you….) – despite the above fact

19     the number of times (averaged among us) a member of the Schilling or Riley family went on “Splash Mountain”

60     minutes – the wait time for “Seven Dwarves Mine Train” within 10 minutes of the park’s opening

6       minutes – the average wait time for any given ride we went on.  We were strategic, aced the Fast Pass system, and fast – the majority of the rides we found a way to walk straight to the front.

55     minutes – our longest wait for any ride – spent in line at “Toy Story Mania”.  It’s a difficult Fast Pass to secure, and felt it was worth it as we had that long to wait until the “Fantasmic” show started – as it’s a group favorite. 

11     the average number of rides we went on per day (obviously more on nights we stayed late)

8       the average number of “treats” John partook in while we rode the attractions – as he’s not much of a fan of thrill rides (added with permission by John)  ;)

7       the average number of Fast Passes we secured each day.  Three are securable in advance online, the other four were picked up at the kiosk as soon as the previous were expended.

86     the average high temperature during the time we were there.  We were so fortunate, certainly the best 10 day stretch you’d see on a weather calendar for a span of months, in terms of lower temps, lower humidity, and almost no rain or thunderstorms.

PRICELESS – the value of this vacation…absolutely priceless….

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